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Why buy your vehicle tyres from us?

Buying tyres for your car, truck or motorcycle may seem simple enough. Most people donít look beyond the brand they trust and just search for the lowest price in town. However, there are hundreds of tyre manufacturers, and they are thousands of tyres but not every tyre may work for you. Some tyres may last longer while others may provide better road grip. Then there is also the fact that some businesses sell tyres that are new in theory, but their manufacturing dates are over three years old. Which means that the rubber used is not as good as it should be. So, even though you may be buying a new tyre it will not last you as long. At Wheels24.co.uk we sell only freshly manufactured tyres. Plus, we ensure that the tyres you buy have been properly tested and come backed by a warranty. We also sell the widest variety of tyres so you can buy tyres for all the vehicles you own with a single click of a button and without having to worry about quality.

The best prices in the industry

One of the biggest reasons to buy your tyres from us is the fact that we offer them at the best prices. As an online business, we have a lot less overhead than a regular tyre dealer in the UK. The cost savings translates to lower prices and we make sure that our price to quality ratio is second to none. So, you can be assured of the fact that not only will the tyres be comparatively cheap but also original, and come backed by a warranty. All thatís left for you to do when the tyres arrive at your doorstep is to get them installed by a professional or do it yourself.

We sell tyres for all seasons

Some online tyre stores in the UK may sell winter tyres; some will only sell summer tyres in the summer and most businesses just stock all season tyres. At Wheels24.co.uk we sell winter, summer and all-season tyres 365 days of the year. So, you can buy summer tyres in winter and vice versa. The advantage of doing this is that youíll save money as winter tyres can become cheaper in summer. In addition to all of this being able to buy the tyres you need from one online store you can trust saves you time and effort.

Packaged and delivered to your doorstep

One of the biggest challenges of selling tyres online is that they need to be packaged and shipped safely. Tyres are heavy and durable yet at the same time they are just as easily damaged if not packaged properly. It is for this reason we use our time-tested tyre packaging methods coupled with the fact that we only use the best courier services in the business that we trust. So, you can be assured that the tyres will arrive at your doorstep in time and intact. However, if you do happen to receive a defective, damaged or incorrect set of tyres we are always here to remedy the situation for you.

Expert recommendations for car owners

We understand that there are literally hundreds of tyres sold on our website which may confuse an average consumer. Many people want to buy the best tyre they can while remaining within their budget. That said our team of experts can help you decide on the best tyre for your car. We can help you determine the right tyre size if you want to raise the height of your vehicle slightly, the right tyre for added grip if it rains a lot in your city and the best tyre for bad roads. So, regardless of whether you own a 4x4 for off road weekend trips or a compact hybrid we can help you buy the best tyres. Call or email us today if youíre not sure about what tyres to purchase. Our team of experts will get in touch with you to make the right purchase.

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