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Why should you buy run flat tyres?

A run flat tyre looks and feels like a regular pneumatic tyre on the surface. However, it is meant to withstand rapid deflation in the event it is punctured. So, vehicles can continue to be driven albeit at a reduced speed of around 90 km/h and for 16km but that depends on the tyre type and size. Run-flat tyres can save you time and effort especially if you need to be somewhere urgently like for an important meeting. It also helps give you enough time to reach a nearby tyre shop to get it fixed. But since there are various types of run flat tyres it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with each type.

Self-supporting run flat tyres

The self-supporting variant of run flat tyres are more common in passenger cars and light trucks. These tyres can give a vehicle around 50 extra miles or 80 kilometers of drive time after being punctured. However, once these tyres have been driven in a punctured state for an extensive period of time they cannot be repaired. If the sidewall is punctured or the puncture is on the edge of the thread, it can still be repaired. Plus since they have thicker side walls there is more rolling resistance which has an adverse effect on fuel economy but only very slightly.

The self-sealing run flat tyres

Self-sealing tyres have an extra layer of inner lining which seals itself in the event there is a hole due to a small screw or a nail. The sealing mechanism helps to prevent loss of air. In some brands, the tyre will not need to be repaired, however, if you notice that it's deflating slowly then it will need repairs. Self sealing run flat tyres are more expensive yet a lot more convenient.

The auxiliary supported run flat tyres

Auxiliary supported tyres have one extra ring which is attached to the wheel and supports the weight of the car if there is a loss of pressure in the tyre. The beauty of this technology is that it allows the tyres to bear a massive weight like that of a truck or bus for an extended period and at comparatively high speeds. However, this type of run-flat is extremely expensive and is mostly used in armored vehicles.

So which run flat tyres should you buy?

We strongly suggest that you browse through our inventory of tyres online and buy one that you can afford. If this is your first time buying run flat tyres for your car take advantage of our bargain prices today to save time and money on the purchase of a high end run flat tyre.

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