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How should you buy motorcycle tyres?

Most people don’t think twice about what type of motorcycle tyres they want to buy beyond the brands that they trust. However, regardless of the brands you trust there are two steps to purchasing a tyre. The first step is to determine the size of your tyre which can be found in your vehicle’s owner manual, or you can contact the company. Once you know the right size, you need to buy the right type which believe it or not can be a little more difficult depending on what you use the motorcycle for mainly i.e. as a daily driver, drive mostly in slushy conditions or just drive occasionally.

How to know the right type?

When you’re in the market for motorcycle tyres you’ll find out that tyres are generally categorised into four groups i.e. street, cruiser, dirt and sport. It is here that you need to choose a tyre that fits into a family of tyres that’s based on your driving needs. Things are further complicated when you go into the specifics like compound, and speed rating, etc. That said if you mostly drive on a tarmac road the ‘street’ tyre will serve you well. Sport is for people who race their motorcycle, and dirt is for off-roaders. The cruiser is best suited for people who do want to use a tyre that can handle all types of driving conditions but with compromises.

Radial versus Bias Ply Tires

Radial and bias ply tyres are constructed very differently but will have an effect on your vehicle’s handling. Generally, bias tires tend to last longer and offer a softer ride but with reduced road grip. Radials, on the other hand, are a lot stiffer but provide more traction though don’t last very long. Most experts agree that there is no wrong or right type of tyre but rather your choice should boil down to what the bike’s manufacturer recommends. If you’re going for a mixed setup, use a bias-ply in front and radial on the back.

How to use your new tyre

Motorcycle tyres if treated correctly can last you a very long time. The first thing to remember is to keep your tyre’s pressure consistent because even a slight reduction in pressure can have an adverse effect on the tyre’s wear. But feel free to raise the pressure by 1 or 2 PSI if you’re adding another passenger on the back. If you are not sure which tyres to buy, then choose OEM tyres. During the break-in period make sure to ride your tyres at a gentle pace on a dry road. Make sure to go over curves and straight patches. Above all else always buy motorcycle tyres from a brand you can trust. If you need help with buying the right tyres for your motorcycle feel free to call or email us for assistance.

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