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What are motocross tyres and are they worth it?

Motocross events take place in small and closed dirt track course. The course features high and low jumps or obstacles over which motorcycles need to pass. However, motocross tracks do not have large rocks, water crossings, tree roots and other obstacles as you’d find in the natural environment. So, motocross tyres are specially designed to handle the stresses of these types of races without getting damaged.

Buying motocross tyres

To buy the right motocross tyres, you need to identify them by their tread patterns which are easy to spot. Their tread patterns are knobby in most cases which are meant to handle loamy dirt, mud, and sand. If the track is mostly going to be hard terrain, then softer rubber tyres should be chosen. The distance of the knobs either shorter or longer varies the gripping intensity of the tyres. The most common ones are intermediate tires that offer a combination of good grip and durability in all conditions. If you are not sure as to which motocross tyres will work for your bike feel free to contact us today. We have a team of experts who will be more than glad to assist you with buying the right motocross tyres.

Fitting the tyres

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